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  The Best Gift for Christmas
Instead of the usual pair of socks or V-neck sweater that I receive for Christmas from the wonderful readers of my blog, this year, I have a special request.

I'd be grateful if you considered supporting my wife in her fundraising for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

She's running a marathon in March and her goal is to raise $4800.

Go here to donate - any amount helps!

it's 100% tax deductible - it all goes to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Charity.

Thank you and Happy Holidays.

  Switching to Opera

I'm fed up with fat, bloated, buggy Firefox and it's crappy automatic updates. Version routinely crashed on me, and it's been a slow browser for me ever since version 1.5.x

So I'm using Opera 9 now. It's working a hell of a lot better than Firefox.

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  Dogs & Cats: Blodgett + Kedrosky on Yahoo?

I like both Paul Kedrosky and Henry Blodgett - they're both good bloggers. Paul isn't particularly fond of Henry - so rumors on Valleywag that they might work together on a reborn version of Yahoo Finance Vision amuse me.

Other rumored contributors include VC blogger and TV pundit Paul Kedrosky and manflesh connoisseur Henry Blodget, the disgraced Wall Street analyst and founder of Silicon Alley Insider. Blodget, at least, has experience talking up stocks.

And the title of this post - it's an homage to a classic Kedrosky archetype (which is of course a reference to Ghost Busters).


  The Big Lie About Facebook's Ad Data

Today's the day that Facebook unveils their new ad platform. During the past 2 weeks the hype has been huge, with everyone jumping on the idea that Facebook has revolutionary data for doing targeted advertising. Google and Yahoo are paying attention.

Om Malik sums up "Why Google is a Afraid of Facebook":

Facebook, on the other hand, knows a lot more about us [than Google]— who our friends are, what we like, what groups we belong to, and even when we like to use its service. So what can Facebook do with all that information?

Google actually knows all of that, and at least 10X more data about users than Facebook, but hasn't seen the need to really mine the data yet, since search intent has proven to be worth about 100X more than that kind of data so far.

Adsense cookies, myspace profile extracts, toolbar data, google accounts and search engine history are more valuable and far more voluminous than Facebook's data. Google essentially already has the data that the new generation of ISP sniffers hope to get.

Facebook is not very different from MySpace, which Google has been attempting to monetize for the past 12 months. Google has all the data from MySpace profiles that Facebook is talking about exploiting. It hasn't really helped so far.

One of Facebook's beliefs is that they can ask users what they want to see, what products they like, etc. And that this will somehow improve ad perfomance. But the history of consumer polling & research has taught marketers that simply asking customers what they want doesn't necessarily improve ad performance.

Maybe Facebook will find an incremental way to increase eCPM on social networking page views from 15cents to 20cents, but I don't think the pundits and media are correct when they believe the hype about Facebook's new advertising technology.

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The Best Gift for Christmas
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The Best Gift for Christmas
Switching to Opera
Dogs & Cats: Blodgett + Kedrosky on Yahoo?
The Big Lie About Facebook's Ad Data