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  How To Convert & Upload Google AdWords Campaign To Yahoo Panama

Suppose you have a big Google AdWords Campaign, and you want to get it into Yahoo Panama. Here's what you need to do to convert an AdWords Campaign into Yahoo:

  1. Be a "Gold Tier" Yahoo Panama customer, so you can qualify for bulk upload. To be Gold Tier, you need to spend at least $500 per month for 3 months. If you've done that, and you don't see a "Import Campaigns" link on your Create a Campaign screen, you need to call Yahoo and get that added.
  2. Install the Google AdWords Editor
  3. Use Google AdWords Editor to Export your AdWords campaign to CSV.
    • Open AdWords Editor, and update your account information
    • Export your campaign as CSV from AdWords Editor. Select the specific campaign, and then choose: File -> Export to CSV -> Export Current Campaign
    • Open the exported campaign in Excel.
    • Change a lot of stuff in the Excel file. You generally don't want to upload the exact Google campaign. Look carefully at your bids. Also look at destination URLs, you may want to change tracking codes or parameters to indicate that the clicks will be coming from Yahoo. Save the changes.
  4. Goto "Import 3rd Party Campaign" tab in Yahoo Panama
  5. Import the campaign. Panama will upload your excel file, then convert it to it's format. When this is done, you download the file it creates, Check it carefully, and re-upload into Panama...
  6. Before loading it, go and make any Yahoo specific changes.
    • Change any tracking codes to indicate Yahoo sourcing.
    • Yahoo idiotically doesn't allow keyword substitution in the destination URL of the ad. However, it does have a field called "Custom URL" for each keyword, and you can set the specific keyword in the URL. That's handy for when your landing page needs to dispatch off the keyword (i.e. it can include the keyword in the generated landing page by pulling it from the URL.)
    • Look carefully at "Advanced Match" vs "Standard Match". Advanced Match is equivalent to "Broad Match" in Google. "Standard Match" is more like "Exact Match" in Google.
  7. Save the modified file. Set the file name to have a ".csv" file extension. BUT - Choose File type to be : "Unicode txt". The resulting filename must end in .csv.
  8. Go to the "Import Campaigns" tab in Panama
  9. Browse for the modified Excel file, give it an "Upload" name, and do "Upload".
  10. Wait a while.
  11. Check the new campaign. Look at any errors that may have happened during upload. Check carefully - seriously, mistakes can be costly!
  12. Go to the Dashboard page, select the new campaign and set a daily spending limit. You probably should turn off content matching as well.

Let it run. Check it tomorrow. Watch your logs in the meantime. See if it gets worse quality traffic due to all the garbage partners that Yahoo lets have Overture feeds (Hint: It will...)

Anyways, that's the easy and safe way. If you don't have access to the "Gold Tier" upload from Yahoo, you can call Yahoo and ask them to do it for you. If you do that, MAKE SURE you pre-edit the CSV file you give them, or else they'll just put in the stuff from Google, and you probably won't like that.

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How To Convert & Upload Google AdWords Campaign To Yahoo Panama


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